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Below is a list of services offered by A Traveling Hair Service.

Prices may vary and are based on location and requested services.

Call us for a free quote today.

Shampooing/Washing Hair with water

No bending is required

Individuals in bed or wheelchairs

One of our Licensed Cosmetologist can wash your hair with water and shampoo, no more need for No Rinse Shampoo's.

No bending is required!

Sitting in a chair or wheel chair in an upright position is all you or your loved one needs to do.

We can even wash your hair in a regular bed or hospital bed.

Shampoo/Washing and Blow Dry/Blowout

Shampoo/Washing, Blow Dry, Curl and Style

Shampoo/Washing, Blow Dry and Straight Iron

Our licensed Cosmetologist have been trained to style hair just the way you or your loved one likes it.

By giving each individual a consultation on how they wear there hair and what they do and don't like in a hair style. We are able to create the style that you desire.

Making you look and feel good.

Hair Cuts - Male and Female

Shampoo/Washing and Hair Cut

Shampoo/Washing, Hair Cut and Style

Beard and Mustache Trim

Facial Hair Removal

Chief Executive Officer

Our licensed Cosmetologist are skilled in the art of hair cutting.

Keeping up with the latest cuts and trends in hair styles!

We will cut you or your loved ones hair just the way you like it making you or your loved one look and feel good.

Hair Coloring

Color and Style

Color Rinse


Highlights and Style

Low Lights


Permanent Wave

Permanent Wave and Style

Body Waves

Body Wave and Style

For those individuals on medication, a solution is used prior to Permanent Waves and Body Waves, to remove medication from the hair. This enables the Permanent wave solution to penetrate the hair shaft. This will result in a long lasting Permanent Wave and Body Wave.


Finger Nail Trim and File

Polish Change

Acrylic and Gel Nail Removal



Combing Out Matted Hair

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Hand and Arm Massage

Foot Massage

Hand Conditioning Treatment

Foot Conditioning Treatment

Jane Doe

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