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Who We Are


* Wash with Water - (For Individuals in a Wheel chair - No Bending is required). Bed Patients too.

* Shampoo with Clarifying Shampoo

* Shampoo with Moisturizing/Hydrating/Volumizing Shampoos.

* Hair Cut - Men, Women & Children

* Removal/Combing out of Matted Hair

* Beard Trim & Mustache Trim

* Blow Dry/Blow Out

* Blow Dry/Blow Out, Curl & Style

* Blow Dry/Blow Out & Straightening Iron

* Permanent Hair Coloring/Retouch

* Semi-Permanent Hair Coloring

* Rinses (Fanci Full)

* High Lighting - Full Head

* High Lighting - Partial (Half Head)

* High Lighting - Few Strands

* Low Lighting - Full Head

* Low Lighting - Partial (Half Head)

* Low Lighting - Few Strands

* Multi Color High/Low Lights - Full Head

* Multi Color High/Low Lights - (Half Head)

* Multi Coloring High/Low Lights - Few Strands

* Hair Bleaching

* Color Correction

* Permanent Waves

* Body Wave

* Deep Hair Conditioning Treatment

* Basic Manicure

* Manicure with Polish

* Nail Polish Change

* Finger Nail Trim & File

* Acrylic or Gel Nail Removal

* Hand Massage

* Pedicure

* Pedicure with Polish

* Toe Nail Trim & File

* Foot Massage

* Eyebrow Tweezing

* Facial Hair Removal (Waxing and Tweezing).

* Facials


Monday - 7am-10pm

Tuesday - 7am-10pm

Wednesday - 7am-10pm

Thursday - 7am-11pm

Friday - 7am-8pm

Saturday - 7am-8pm

Sunday - Closed

A-Traveling Hair Service, established in 1999, is a mobile beauty service that will provide you, or your loved ones, with in-patient hair care and nail services. Our hairstylists will travel to a wide variety of locations within Southern California, such as residential homes, board and cares, hospitals, sub-acute units, hospices, assisted living facilities, and many other locations within Southern California. We are contracted with numerous Hospitals throughout the Southern California Region, Long Beach Memorial, Millers Children's Hospital, Chapman Global Medical Center, Kindred Hospital, South Coast Global Medical Center to name a few.

A Traveling Hair Services employs licensed cosmetologists, who are insured and live scanned. Our staff members are trained to work with the elderly, ill and incapacitated. Staff are trained in a variety of settings including patients who are completely bed-ridden, in working with children and adolescents who are not mobile. Staff members have training in hospital environments, particularly in infectious control procedures. All of our equipment and stylist tools are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before being used on each individual to prevent the spread of germs and disease.

A Traveling Hair Service is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We are confident that we can bring out the beauty in your loved one, because

when you look good, you feel good!







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